Automatic backups

PhoneLog Pro tries to prevent you from losing data, by saving changes automatically. It also stores previous versions of the call log as backups so you can view them later and revert back to an old version if you have made changes that you don't want to keep.

Browsing backups image

You can take a manual backup at anytime whereas automatic backups are taken at regular intervals and gradually deleted as time passes. In the Preferences you can specify how often the backups should be made and limit how much disk space the complete set of backups should take.

You can choose to revert to an older backup or simply to view the data in a backup so you can retrieve details for individual calls.

OS X 10.7 (Lion) and later versions have an in-built versioning system that works with Time Machine to allow you to browse through older versions using the familiar "File | Revert To" menu option. PhoneLog Pro also supports this facility and it can be used instead of the backup system described above.